Kemalpaşa Irmak Facility is established on an area of ​​210,000 m² and includes 70,000 m² of storage space. Our distance to Port of İzmir Turkey is 30 kms. We have back to back and drive in shelves in our warehouse, bonded/non-bonded cold storage and non-bonded warehouses. Ceiling height in Kemalpaşa facility is 10 ms.

In this division of the facility; horizontal, closed area is 12,000 m²; open area is ​​11,000 m² in total.  Our bonded warehouse has 3 ramps. It is equipped with a sprinkler system. In addition, we have a seperate room suitable for storing ADR (flammable and combustible materials).
Our 1,000 m² depot has dual mode cooling devices. It consists 5 rooms.
We have 7 steel silos to stock grain products such as barley, malt and wheat… The total volume of these silos is 33,000 tons.
24,000 m² and 12 ramps in our facility is reserved for cold storage. We perform FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, pallet-in pallet-out, instant and retrospective temperature monitoring in our 60 rooms that can hold up to 30,000 pallets. We have a daily quick-freezing capacity of 60 tons. There are dual mode compressors in both our bonded and free cold storage warehouses, our rooms operate in the range from -20C to +15C degrees.
We have a 23,000 m² closed and 25,000 m² open non-bonded storage area, consisting of different sized rooms. Number of ramps serving for non-bonded warehouses is 10.